Negro watches the State of the Union

Why is this video five hours long?
I see that the weapons manufacturers are now doing product placement like Coke and Pepsi do, and having Michelle Obama pose next to one of the mutilated soldiers they manufactured for Afghanistan.

…Oh wait, it says here that senator Dick Durbin has started a tradition of inviting wounded soldiers to the State of the Union. A likely story! And still, with soldiers earning less than minimum wage, this post will be criticized for “bad taste” in humor!

What else –O is still speaking to the rich, tagging his speech like a blog with “global economy” and other such terms. Just remember, people, almost all of Congress are not millionaires but multi-millionaires.

Advanced robotics for improving the economy! Yeah, maybe over a quarter of US soldiers should be replaced by robots by 2030 -but do we need a fucking war to fight in 2030? What about that side of the argument? No mention.
Is this whole thing going to be about jobs? Shit I’ve got two.

Look at Boehner! He’s so loaded he can’t even move. Passing out in the tanning booth again.

Ah, Halliburton dishwashers got a minimum wage hike. So as long as we keep having wars to kill poor people and mutilate soldiers at least Halliburton’s dishwashers will earn a minimum wage. No worries, I’m sure that if O doesn’t have the political will to start a new war or two, the next president will have it.

I like how he has to explain to these multimillionaires why health insurance reform is helpful.

OK here we go, gun violence. Oh -his remarks on gun violence were cut off abruptly to talk about how great the military is! That is some subtle writing skill, and I’m not joking here. At least he tries to make the connection between killing kids with drones in foreign countries and terrorism at home.

Should we bet on whether he says una puta verga about Fukushima?? Iran’s not even doing anything dangerous with the nuclear weapons it doesn’t even have and here Fukushima is probably going to kill my entire family, and slowly. Nevermind, that’s a bad bet. This speech is for rich DC fatcats. Wait -helping with disasters! Nope, he’s talking about the Philippines. Do yall know why it’s called the Philippines? Because an inbred Spanish emperor was in power when the Spanish crushed the islands. That was a disaster!

Conclusion: the script had some good scenes but was a bit disorganized. Or is the country disorganized? Is everyone in Congress fat?? Great example for the young people, folks. Maybe the State of California will be more interesting.



No Drought for Coke and Budweiser?

No Drought for Coke and Budweiser?